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I am a 25-years-old photojournalist / documentary photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, focusing on commercial and documentary photography . I studied Graphic Design for three years at local college while pursuing into photography. As a self-taught photographer who started shooting 6 years ago, i developed a very personal and sensitive style coupled with strong aesthetics, and is constantly open to new challenges. My work has been published in most of Malaysian entertainment magazines, several international magazines and newspapers. Throughout my professional career I always worked hard to show the true world is. It has always been a strong motivation for me to go out and find a moment and create a good picture from it. Currently working on personal project regarding Asian photojournalism.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Terasa seperti geng rempit.

Masa untuk sihat.... Aku dh mula berfutsal kembali... Setelah liga ulama' gagal diteruskan memandangkan Ag dan bdk2 band lain bz.. So skang im playing with Penara FC. huhu geng otai2..

Aritu start dh main kt ampang.. rasa mcm geng rempit lak konvoi 6,7 moto vroom vroom eh preng prengg. hehe.

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